Valentine's Red Velvet

RED VELVET muffins are in my opinion thanks for its colour the best choice for Valentine's baking - easy, quickly made and taste good. I used the red baskets to complete the red look and think it went quite well for the first time. Red velvet is basically a name for red cakes, cupcakes and so many more sweets which are red. I think that baking can be fun when you are able to use colors and I fell totally in love with it.
The Valentines Day is for me one of the good opportunities when you can use your fantasy and can play with heart ornaments, love signs etc. I don't share the view that Valentine's Day is just a commercial holiday because I think every holiday when you celebrate you like and love someone worth celebrating no matter what.


  1. lovely photos! and i love the little heart in the center of the cupcake

  2. Love the look of red velvets and a good basic recipe to add different decorations.